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Different Names of God in Hebrew

For the God that you believe in today, there are different names that you will hear today. Maybe you know some few names and it is essential to know that there are lots of them that you will hear today.

Given that God has lots of characters to reveal to the people the names might arise from the same. There is a divine power that comes with every kind of a name that the people do use to refer God to today.

You should realize that for the bible, there are some essential names that are there and they all describe God. For the God names in the bible, you will realize that most of them are from the Hebrew language. It will be a good thing if you will know some different kind of the Hebrew names that you can easily find in the bible.

Following is a compilation of the different names of God in Hebrew. You should realize that among the names that you will see is that of Adonai which refers to the Trinity. Also, Yahweh is a popular name of God as well which comes from the Hebrew Bible.

El Shaddai is also a name that people refer to God with, it means the God Almighty and for the Hebrew, it reflects on the God’s characters to strength, the power and his majesty upon us and the whole world. For the Hebrew Bible its part of the common names that you will stand to see as well.

It is crucial to know that El Roi is part of the great names of God that the Hebrew language offers. It is crucial to know that if you will have a look at the name, it comes from the context of the bible where Hagar calls on God for comfort. In the different names for God, Elohim is among the notable list that you will get in the modern bible about God.

The power of God over everything on the land is essential and the names show the power through creation. For the different kind of names for God Yahweh Yireh is part of the essential names that the means a God who provides from the context of Abraham sacrificing his son.

From the Hebrew Bible, you will note that the Yahweh Ropheka the God who heals will be part of the great names that you should know. It is crucial to know that the other name that you will find about God is that of Jealous God. If you do believe that the lord is your banner, then a good name that the Hebrew Bible offers is that of Yahweh Nissi.

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